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Getting about Derbyshire & Beyond pt.2 Derbyshie Wayfarer

So you want to explore Derbyshire and possibly beyond but don’t have your own transport ?

Well believe it or not there are a few good ways to travel and explore Derbyshire and beyond using public transport that won’t break the bank and offer you plenty of options for exploring.

In this section we will be looking into the Derbyshire Wayfarer ticket from Derbyshire County Council

The Wayfarer ticket starts from £12 and gives you all day bus and train travel across Derbyshire plus direct connection to/from Burton-on-trent , Sheffield , Uttoxeter and leek.
You can buy the ticket on the day or if you are planning an early travel start you can buy them in advance something me and Oswald have always forgotten to do.


Me and Oswald have used this ticket several times already and found it to be the best way to explore the peak district and beyond with the ability to travel on the the Derwent and Hope Valley lines you really do get a lot of amazing vista’s for your money and the ability to discover some amazing places.


Apart from the few places show on the map you are restricted to only traveling within Derbyshire but to be honest with so much to discover and explore in the peaks this is not really an issue although be advised if travel during the week the ticket is not valid for train travel till after 09:30 Am.

I would personally recommend any to try this ticket out for one day and see where the journey takes them.

£12 for an adult (plus one child under 16)
£6 for a senior citizen (aged 60 or over), a child under 16*, or a holder of a Gold Card or other English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS) pass
£22.00 for a group of up to two adults and up to three children*

* A dog may travel in place of a child.

win a wayfarer
On the back of every ticket there is a form to fill out on the back about where you have been on the day. Fill this in and send it back to Derbyshire council and you are entered into a prize draw to win another ticket so in reality 5 mins writing could give you another days free adventure !!!

Of course there are other ways of exploring Derbyshire and Beyond but they will have to wait for now.
So until next time folks
Get outdoors and keep Exploring.

For a full list of where you can buy the tickets please visit there web site


I am a farther of three amazing children and also a travel writer with my good friend Oswald. I am sometimes viewed as a bit eccentric but if you can't enjoy life then there's no point living it.

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