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A good Friday adventure – pt4 welcome to leicester

After a glorious and wonderful journey along the Great Central Railway we finally arrived at Leicester (North) station and it was time to make our final journey


Although we had planned to continue into the city centre. Time was against us as Alan had made plans to visit family today so instead of jumping back on the Skylink on Abbey Lane just 5 mins walk from the station we made our way on foot the other direction.


Of course nearby the Abbey lane stop you will find the Abbey pumping station and also  The National Space Centre. While rejoing the Skylink you will soon find yourself and one of the two major bus interchanges in Leicester St Margrat’s Bus station.


The other major interchange is the Haymarket bus station which is the main interchange for Leicester Local bus services.


Of course there is lots of places to see and things to do in Leicester far to many to try and mention in one blog and indeed a return visit will be planned.

Of course before we go I thought I might share a few pictures of our walk to Alan’s family’s home in leicester . these were taken along Thurncaston road just 1 main away from the skylink stop.




Well until next time we hope you are all enjoying the fine weather. And as always folks
Get Outdoors and Keep Exploring…


I am a farther of three amazing children and also a travel writer with my good friend Oswald. I am sometimes viewed as a bit eccentric but if you can't enjoy life then there's no point living it.

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