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AutoKarna and the Nottingham Post Motor Show

After our filling visit to the full flavoured food festival of Ilkestons food and drink fair we decided to take a wonder down towards the Gallows inn to catch the TWO and make our way to Wollaton park to visit the annual transport show called Autokarna.

Thankfully the showers had now stopped although it did remain a bit dark over “bill’s mothers” so would we see any more of the wet stuff today ?

The first stall we came across was the Big Bike Revival which is run by the CTC and its aim is to repair your old bikes and encourage people to fall in love with cycling again the stall also was home to Sustrans (who we have met before though the Bennerly viaduct project) and also showed of Nottingham’s grand plan for its Cycle network.

The next area we visited was the vast collection of beautiful old buses from across the UK including London’s most iconic bus the Routemaster.

And of course some of the more locally recognisable old girls from Derby corporation , Nottingham city transport and of course Trent and Barton buses .

Autokarna was also a chance to showcase the latest buses from the company’s flagship services from Trentbarton , Yourbus , Kinch buses , TM Travel , NCT and several coach operators

Of course there is more then buses to Autokarna and we began with the fantastic collection of Motorbikes of all shapes , build and styles and indeed it made Alan lust to get back on the saddle and start riding again.

And of course the collection of stunningly preserved cars dating from the early pre war days of motoring when the roads were clear and traffic jams were next to non except for the major city’s such as London

Right up to today’s modern sleek street racing machines that make many a young (and Old) car fan melt with envy and desire.

from the top of the hill where the stunning Wollaton hall stands proud over the events below you get a feel of just how many amazing Vintage & veteran vehicles are actually on display and there was still more awaiting eager eyes behind the trees to our left.

as we travelled back down the hill once again we were provided with even more beautifully restored motors including the amazing collection of British off road workhorses the Land Rover.

Of Course no Motor show is complete with out the auto jumble and indeed AutoKarna dose not to fail to impress with enough parts to make more then enough vintage cars from scrath.

Of course if stating from scratch is not your thing there was also plenty of classical motors looking for new homes is various degrees of work needed.

Alongside AutoKarna was The Nottingham post’s Motor Show and with all the branding of the modern motor company’s flying we decided to see what was on offer to those who wished to own a car.

Indeed the Motor show stands all stood proud showing off there new shiny , sporty , family , ect motors

and of course poor Oswald had to drag Alan away from all the beastly motorbikes screaming out to ridden across the open countryside roads.

Of course with the growing need to end our our dependence on the dirty fossil fuels it is great to see the growing market of electric cars but of course this wasn’t the only electric motor on show today.

The Star of the new age of Electric transport was the beautiful Ellie the Electric Bus who proudly serves the Locallink networks in Nottingham and is run by Nottingham Community Transport.

Ellie as well as looking stunning is also a star of her own story called “Ellie and the lost puppy” which is the first of many story’s that will be realised by Nottingham City Council which are aimed  to teach young ducklings the importance of using public transport.

Talking about the Young ducklings this grand event also featured a very extensive and exciting fair ground to give the young ducklings a break from all the cars , bikes , buses and other classic motors.

Soon with the smell of BBQ’s and grills in the air it was time to stop and grab some snap although as you can expect at most major events the prices were expensive this delightful jacket spud cost £4 !

Also at AutoKarna was a fine display of Steam engines from the Nottingham Industrial Museum which lead us to our next blog comming soon…

We have had a fantastic time at AutoKarna and the Nottingham Post Motor Show and until our next blog where we explore the Nottingham Industrial Museum remember to…..

Get outdoors and Keep Exploring

and please don’t forget to share your adventures with us for a chance to become an #OswaldExplorer


I am a farther of three amazing children and also a travel writer with my good friend Oswald. I am sometimes viewed as a bit eccentric but if you can't enjoy life then there's no point living it.

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