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The New N.E.T (nottingham express transit)

Today marks an important milestone in nottinghams transport network. After many months of delays and controversy the new tram lines 2,3 finally opened at 6am to much jubilation. Today we will be joining the celebrations and exploring what the new lines have to offer and just some of the amazing parts of nottingham it has now opened up.

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Going potty for Stoke-on-trent pt.1

A grey and early start greeted us this morning on the start of our adventure here in our home town of Ilson. Today’s adventure would see us travelling on three trains and buses in total there and back to the famous “city” of Stoke-on-Trent.
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Damp Day in Derbyshire (Bus , Trains , Trams and Bowlers)

After our BIG adventure to Rutland yesterday today was a late start and at best you could say nice weather for ducks!. With the heavy rain over night and morning showers still going strong the 2015 Ilkeston Carnival  had been cancelled for safety reasons as had the Bennerly Viaduct work party. We were not going to let a little (lot) of rain ruin a perfectly good day of exploring go to ruin. So we decided to grab a Wayfarer and see what dryish place we could find…..

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AutoKarna and the Nottingham Post Motor Show

After our filling visit to the full flavoured food festival of Ilkestons food and drink fair we decided to take a wonder down towards the Gallows inn to catch the TWO and make our way to Wollaton park to visit the annual transport show called Autokarna.

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Mansfield Meander pt.2 Milling around Mansfield

After our long way round we had finally arrived at the Market town of Mansfield and now it was time to go though the doors and into the heart of the town and see what Mansfield has to offer.

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Mansfield Meander pt.1 Getting there in TWO and threes

After a waddle up town to see what bargains were on offer in Ilson Market this morning we decided the even though it was black over Bill’s mother’s (cloudy) we decided to head out for one last adventure this week before returning to work next week.

Since we were already at Ilkeston market it made it the obvious choice for a starting point today although with only our mango and limited funds today’s adventure would be limited to #Trentbartonland. We headed to the stops and waited for what ever bus came first which today was the “TWO” and see where the day took us.

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A Wednesday Waddle – Stanton and home…..

It had been a long walk sine we alighted the Ilkeston Flyer at Bartleywood lodge taking in some amazing sights from cave hamlets , Abbeys , Church’s , Woodlands and amazing villages and now from the beauty of the green and plesant countryside we now arrived at Stanton.

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A Wednesday Waddle -The long road to Stanton-by-Dale

In our last chapter we had been around the wonderful village of Dale Abbey (Deepdale)  and our journey had ended at the road junction with “Woodpecker Hill” where we could have headed back into the village.

Of course that was not what we did…..

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Newark explorers. pt.1 Getting there

With the sun breaking up the grey clouds above our home town of Ilson and a full day at our disposal.
Ilson Market
We decided to take a waddle up to Ilson market and see how the progress on Ilson’s new market bus stops were coming on.

Although almost complete and looking very smart they wouldn’t be open till next Tuesday so just like before in our earlier travels we would have to catch the bus from the temporary stop based round the corner at Albert Street.

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A day out with the Villager’s Pt.2

Welcome back !

Digital Camera

In part one we had Travelled from our home town of Ilkeston and ended our journey in the town of Burton. Now it was time to head back up north to Derby with the Villager V2.

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